Amiad Water Systems Selects MasterDAM by IDEA as the Organizational Digital Asset Management

Amiad Water Systems, a leading global company that specializes in the development and marketing of systems for water treatment and filtration, has selected IDEA Information Systems’ MasterDAM to serve as their organization’s Digital Asset Management solution.

Prior to implementing MasterDAM, the company utilized an outdated system that served as a platform for saving files and sharing digital media – presentations, brochures, product pages, videos, etc. – across the organization. Marketing and Sales professionals around the world were forced to access the company’s marketing materials via their organizational network, an act that required them to invest much time into finding various materials in the system.

As a global company in need of a way to support and supply advanced marketing and sales infrastructure, Amiad decided to make the move to a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system. DAM systems provide a central solution for the storage, management, editing, and sharing capabilities that are applicable to all of an organization’s digital assets: images, videos, presentations, marketing materials, and more. Using an AI tool and manual/automatic tagging mechanisms, MasterDAM enables to easily find digital assets spread out within an organization.

The connection to the system allows Amiad and their employees and representatives around the world to enjoy direct and convenient access to approved digital media – anytime and from anywhere – in addition to advanced preview capabilities without having to download files, rapid and simple searches for digital assets, and significant savings on time.

Roi Israeli, Amiad’s Marketing Director, indicates that “We chose to advance to a DAM system out of an understanding that more efficient accessibility to marketing materials would help our ongoing communications with our customers, worldwide. The new technology upon which MasterDAM is based, its being a ‘Made in Israel’ system, IDEA’s readiness to adapt the system to our needs, and the system’s ease of use, were all key factors that motivated us to choose MasterDAM. Now, our employees can find any digital materials they seek, and share them with sources inside and outside of the organization.”

Lior Govrin, CEO of IDEA Information Systems, says that “Global organizations, such as Amiad, that choose MasterDAM, place our solution as the leading DAM system in Israel. Its fast assimilation, lack of a learning curve, and the broad use that has already been made of the system in such a short time, all evidence the fact that the system fulfills its goal as a centralized, user-friendly system for the storage, management, and sharing of digital assets.”

MasterDAM’s automatic tagging capabilities enable users to benefit from rapid and highly precise searches, and organizations to benefit from organized management of any existing chaos pertaining to the management of their Marketing department’s digital media. MasterDAM is based on a robust internal user authorization system and high levels of AWS cloud infrastructure stability and information security, upon which the system is hosted.

Whether you’re acquiring a DAM solution for your organization for the very first time, or are looking to upgrade or replace an existing solution to increase your organization’s efficiency, alignment, and profitability, formulating and adhering to a DAM selection strategy is key. Answering the following questions will help you research and evaluate potential DAM vendors, so you can successfully select the right solution from the right vendor, for your organization.

As such, it’s critical that your digital assets – and their use – remain on-brand, at all times. All the more so when your organization has multiple people working on and with a vast amount of video, audio, images, and written content versions, to promote your brand and its message, day in and day out.

Here are 5 tips to help your teams stay on top of your on-brand digital assets, to strengthen your brand and support your marketing goals.

About Amiad:

Amiad Water Systems is a global leading company that specializes in the development and marketing of water treatment and filtration systems.

For roughly 60 years, Amiad has harnessed its excitement and commitment to water purification cause to create a broad selection of water filtration solutions for a variety of irrigation and industry applications. Amiad’s products are at the heart of many diverse water treatment and filtration systems, such as irrigation, membrane protection, sewage water treatment, drinkable water production systems, and cooling and desalination systems. Amiad filtration products are designed for efficient and reliable functioning year after year, and they are backed by the company’s core values, such as a drive for excellence and exceptional customer service.

About IDEA Information Systems:

IDEA Information Systems was established in 1999 and currently employs approximately 25 people. Idea has over 400 customers in the field of ALM (Archives, Libraries, and Museums), in Israel and worldwide, which include a wide selection of archives, libraries, museums, and information centers.

IDEA has launched a new product in the field of DAM (Data Asset Management); a cloud-based solution for the storage, management, editing, and sharing of all of an organization’s digital assets from one central place: videos, presentations, marketing materials, and more.

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