Do Manufacturers Need a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System?

Digital Asset Management systems are critical for any company that utilizes a large number of non-text digital files in their marketing, sales, and branding activities. Most manufacturers fall into this category – creating multiple, frequently-updated images of their products for use in brochures, data sheets, presentations, catalogs, marketing campaigns, and eCommerce sites. They need to keep track of SKU and product ID numbers, product categories and subcategories, and many other details associated with each digital asset. Manufacturers also need to manage branding and marketing assets such as logos, icons, fonts, color palettes, templates, banners, briefs, and marketing guidelines.

Given the complexity of this array of tasks, and the need to effectively juggle all parts of the digital puzzle, manufacturers often fail to supply distributors and retailers with the right materials at the right time for multiple customer touchpoints. In fact, according to Forbes, 60% of manufacturers find it difficult to ensure digital continuity throughout product life cycles. For this reason, according to various surveys, almost half of all brands plan to implement DAMs in the near future.

How DAMs Can Help Manufacturers

DAMs enable the effective and rapid organization, storage, control, and centralization of all types of digital files – including large-format and 3D images, videos, photos, logos, graphics, and audio files. They can store millions of files within a single library, and allow them to be easily located, retrieved, published, shared, distributed internally, and made accessible to external partners including distributors, agencies, and retailers – empowering them with relevant content.

Single Source of Truth

The DAM becomes the single source of truth for all assets, keeping them updated and ensuring that everyone in the organization across all departments and locations uses the correct, most up-to-date, on-brand version of each one.

Brand Consistency

DAMs ensure critical brand consistency across multiple customer touchpoints such as social media platforms, websites, and marketplaces. They enable the creation and continual updating of a global brand managed from a central location. They ensure that the correct images are used in product packaging. Quickly and easily integrated with eCommerce sites, marketing software, PIM, CMS, and social media platforms, DAMs enable unified branding across all company activities.

Speedy and Simplified Searches

DAMs classify each asset using customized metadata tags – including color, SKU and ID numbers as well as industry-specific terms – enabling the rapid, efficient search for any specific asset or collection of assets. This saves significant amounts of time for sales and marketing teams, and allows self-service for other teams which no longer need to wait for required images – a benefit especially important across time zones.

Enhanced Collaboration and Workflows

DAMs enable collaboration and communication across company departments and divisions and with global partners. They simplify the distribution and sharing of marketing collateral, and enable teams to become more productive. Centralized control of assets via access permissions ensures asset security. DAMs also decrease time-to-market, and simplify product launches by making assets easily accessible. With a centralized location, files no longer need to be downloaded from one system and uploaded to another, which optimizes workflows by eliminating manual steps and setting the stage for increased efficiency.

MasterDAM Could Be the Right Solution for You

Beyond the general capabilities of DAM systems – including the storage and control of millions of visual and audio files, AI-based automatic meta-tagging, and becoming the single source of truth for all your digital assets ­– MasterDAM has a unique set of benefits you may want to consider.

  • The flexibility to adapt to your specific needs
  • Quick and painless integration
  • Unparalleled searchability
  • Exceptional ease of use

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