Galcon Selects MasterDAM from IDEA for its Organizational System for Digital Assets Management

Galcon, a global leader in the production of computerized irrigation and control systems, selected MasterDAM software from IDEA Information Systems as the company’s Digital Asset Management system. Galcon is an international company with distributors and marketing agents around the world. In order to successfully and properly manage the company’s marketing activities, the need arose for the orderly management of and access to all the organization’s digital assets, including photos, presentations, brochures, product pages, and videos.

Prior to implementing MasterDAM, Galcon did not use dedicated software for managing marketing assets, and as a result, marketing products and other digital assets were not managed in an orderly fashion, causing a great deal of time to be wasted on searching for the right files as well as sharing them with company employees and external parties.

Once Galcon became aware of the digital asset management field in general, and of MasterDAM in particular, they understood that the life of the Marketing Department could be made easier and more convenient.

The MasterDAM solution enables Galcon to meet its needs, as an international organization, to support and provide an advanced marketing and sales infrastructure, central storage, management, editing and sharing capabilities for all its digital assets – photos, videos, presentations, advertising materials, etc. Using AI tools and automatic and manual tagging, MasterDAM enables the simplified search for all the digital assets scattered throughout the organization.

The system enables Galcon and its team around the world to enjoy direct and convenient access to digital media files from anywhere, and to enjoy quick and accurate searches, while the organization benefits from the orderly management of the existing chaos in the area of digital media management in the marketing departments. MasterDAM relies on a strong internal authorization system as well as the stability and high level of information security of the AWS cloud infrastructure on which the system is provided.

Lior Govrin, CEO of IDEA Information Systems remarked, “The selection of MasterDAM by an international company such as Galcon positions the solution as the leading DAM solution in Israel, being adopted by more and more organizations. The speed of integration, the fact that no training is required, and the immediate benefits that the system produces, are evidence that the system fulfills its mission as a central and exceptionally user-friendly system for the storage, management, and sharing of digital assets.”

About Galcon

Galcon is a world leader in the production of computerized irrigation systems and control systems for use in home gardens, professional and municipal gardening, and agriculture. For almost 40 years of operation, Galcon has conducted field research, as well as studies in company laboratories and in external laboratories, thoroughly testing the limits of technological possibilities. The company has gained worldwide recognition thanks to the reliability and durability of its products in all weather conditions. Galcon is recognized as the major supplier of irrigation control systems, and maintains its position at the forefront of development and innovation in the field.

About IDEA Information Systems

IDEA Information Systems was established in 1999 and employs around 25 people. The company has over 400 customers in Israel and around the world, in its fields of activity – ALM (Archives, Libraries and Museums), which includes a wide variety of archives, libraries, museums and information centers – and in the field of DAM, providing a centralized, cloud-based solution for storage, management, editing, and sharing of all the digital assets in an organization: videos, presentations, advertising materials, and more.

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