How Can You Benefit from Multi-Language Support for Your DAM Software?

A growing number of companies across the globe use multiple languages in their daily operations.

Sometimes, they are multi-lingual because their teams, and often their stakeholders as well, include people from various countries – working together at the same facility or at diverse facilities around the world – who don’t share the same native language.

Even companies whose staffs all speak the same language are faced with multi-lingual issues. They often have customers whose mother tongues are different from the primary language of the software, and find navigation difficult and time-consuming if the interface is displayed in languages not sufficiently familiar to them.

And, there’s the issue of compliance with local requirements. Many organizations operate in countries where multiple languages are spoken, and they must comply with regulations regarding software interfaces.

For all these reasons, multi-language support is an important issue for organizations with diverse language needs. It simplifies product use for employees, stakeholders, and users ­– allowing them to select the software interface in a language of their choice. This helps them to navigate the software more easily without having to spend time figuring out how to use it in an unfamiliar language. It also allows them to work with documents in their chosen language, with the document’s format and language direction maintained. And, for situations where the same computer is used by more than one user, each can easily switch the interface to their preferred language.

In addition, multi-language support enables expansion of the software’s userbase to include non-native speakers, adding users from different regions of the world – and enabling more people to benefit from the software’s features and capabilities.

An added benefit for software companies is that those providing multi-language support are seen as responsive and committed to user needs, which can engender greater user satisfaction, adoption of the product, and loyalty to the company – as well as encouraging users to recommend the software to colleagues and friends.

We are happy to announce that – after surveying our customers and understanding the importance for them of this option – Multi-Language Support has been added to MasterDAM as one of our new features.

Whether you have already selected MasterDAM as your Digital Asset Management software, or are in the process of making your decision, please feel free to contact us about features of importance to you. We continually strive to respond to your needs and preferences, and to make using MasterDAM a positive and productive experience.

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