Marketeers: Why Choose a DAM that Includes Facial Recognition Technology?

When integrated with your Digital Asset Management software, facial recognition technology can expand your marketing options, enhance customer relationships, streamline your workflows, and save you and your team considerable time.

What does it actually do? Facial recognition algorithms can automatically identify faces in photos, analyze facial features, and generate unique identifiers for every person. These identifiers can then be used to automatically tag photos with the name or identity of the person in the photo. The associated metadata can include the date the photo was taken, the related occasion or event, and data regarding any other people in the shot. So, in addition to saving you from tedious manual tagging, automatic tagging will also simplify the development of your marketing content by enabling the rapid retrieval of relevant photos.  

Automatic tagging also prevents the errors often associated with manual tagging – the inaccuracies and inconsistencies so common when large numbers of images are being handled. For example, a mix-up can occur when several people with similar facial features or names appear in the same photo. Manual tagging can also result in inconsistencies in name spellings as well as the order of first and last names, etc. Automating your tagging and metadata creation ensures consistency for every image – and consistency means improved search results and accurate collateral materials.

Facial recognition also has a part to play in maintaining brand consistency by ensuring the use of the correct photos in your marketing campaigns. In addition, the technology can facilitate and enrich your customer personalization initiatives. And, on a more practical level, it can identify duplicate images, allowing you to save valuable storage space.

Taken together, these benefits enhance your marketing, customer outreach, and PR activities, simplify and streamline your daily routines, and save you and your team time, effort, and frustration.

Watch this video for more information.

Facial Recognition is MasterDAM’s Newest Feature

We are happy to announce that – having understood the importance of this feature for our users ­– we have added Facial Recognition to our array of advanced capabilities. We hope you will enjoy the many benefits of this new feature!

Among other things, our technology will allow you to view all the assets in which an individual appears, merge all the photos of that person into a face group, and select a photo to be the cover picture of the group.  

Whether you have already selected MasterDAM as your DAM software, or are in the process of making your decision, please feel free to tell us about features that are important to you. We take pride in responding to user needs and preferences, and to ensuring that using MasterDAM is always a pleasant and productive experience.

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