Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a DAM Solution for Your Organization

ongratulations! You’ve made the smart decision to integrate a DAM solution into your organization’s daily activities. Now it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work; it’s time to choose the DAM solution that best fits your organization’s needs and requirements.

Whether you’re acquiring a DAM solution for your organization for the very first time, or are looking to upgrade or replace an existing solution to increase your organization’s efficiency, alignment, and profitability, formulating and adhering to a DAM selection strategy is key. Answering the following questions will help you research and evaluate potential DAM vendors, so you can successfully select the right solution from the right vendor, for your organization.

As such, it’s critical that your digital assets – and their use – remain on-brand, at all times. All the more so when your organization has multiple people working on and with a vast amount of video, audio, images, and written content versions, to promote your brand and its message, day in and day out.

Here are 5 tips to help your teams stay on top of your on-brand digital assets, to strengthen your brand and support your marketing goals.

What goals do you want the DAM solution to help your organization achieve?

When embarking on a DAM selection journey, you should first determine the goals you wish your selected solution to achieve. These goals should be derived directly from your organization’s overall business objectives, such as increasing brand presence within one or more markets, enhancing operational efficiency, generating ROI through content development and distribution, etc. The DAM solution you choose should be able to help you meet those goals, on a consistent basis.

Is the DAM solution aligned with the needs and requirements of the people who will be using it?

Ensuring the DAM solution you select aligns with the people within your organization is key. They are the human touch to the tech you deploy; they bring your digital assets to life, and their needs must be taken into account. Before onboarding a new DAM solution, talk to your teams about the goals they want to achieve using a DAM, how they will be working with the DAM, how they interact to produce deliverables, and which weaknesses in existing asset management solutions they feel currently exist.

Can the DAM solution be used with the various types of digital assets your organization creates?

This is a no-brainer. If the DAM system is unable to support the types of digital assets you need and use or is unable to handle the sizable growth in digital files transferred and stored, that DAM is not going to serve your organization or its interests. You need to find a system that enables the easy sharing of the types of assets you regularly use – images, audio, video, etc., regardless of their size. If the DAM system has preview capabilities, more power to you.

What security and compliance measures are powered by the DAM solution?

There are quite a few security risks associated with sharing digital assets through cloud-based storage systems, such as a DAM. As such, it’s critical that you understand which security measures the DAM you select should feature: variable user permissions according to time, task, and clearance level, multi-factor authentication, logging, monitoring, whitelisting file sharing destinations, periodic automatic script auditing, and more. Doing so is instrumental in securing high-security, segmented access, while adhering to relevant industry standards and government regulations.

Is the DAM solution easy to use?

While there’s always a learning curve when integrating new technologies within an organization, the time spent learning to use the new DAM system should be as minimal as possible, and provide maximum independence and control. A DAM system that provides an intuitive user experience (UX), a user interface (UI) that’s branded and optimized for usability, and superior customer service and support is extremely important. As are simple navigation functions, as they help ensure that even those employees and stakeholders who are less tech-savvy can still make use of your organization’s digital assets.

Is the DAM solution provided by a vendor or a partner?

When evaluating DAM vendors, make sure to study up on the company and people behind the technology solution. A company that’s aligned with your organization’s own goals and roadmap, one that provides ongoing support once onboarding is complete, will make investing in a DAM solution that much more worthwhile.

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