Menomadin Foundation Chooses MasterDAM for Advanced Digital Asset Management

The Menomdin Foundation, an international impact foundation with over 30 years of experience in developing and strengthening countries in Africa, has selected MasterDAM from IDEA Information Systems as its organizational digital asset management solution. This strategic move aims to establish and manage an advanced digital archive representing the rich cultural and artistic assets of Angola. Let’s consider what each one offers.

Fundação Arte e Cultura, a subsidiary of the Menomdin Foundation in Angola, was founded with the primary objective of restoring and preserving the local art and culture of Angola as the nation emerged from decades of conflict. This foundation oversees a diverse array of digital content related to Angola’s culture and art, encompassing interviews with artists, photos, music clips, and digital items from various exhibitions, collections, records, and sculptures.

In pursuit of an innovative and dedicated solution for central storage and management of all digital assets, the fund opted for the MasterDAM software. This system facilitates the storage of all digital assets in a secure and centralized location, significantly reducing the time required for asset retrieval, sharing, and distribution both internally and externally. The MasterDAM system with be provided with interfaces in both English and Portuguese.

Lior Govrin, CEO of IDEA Information Systems, expressed enthusiasm about Fundação Arte e Cultura’s decision, stating, “Like many heritage and cultural institutions, Fundação Arte e Cultura generates substantial amounts of digital content. The choice to build their digital archive on the MasterDAM system infrastructure reflects their commitment to overcoming the challenges of storage, management, and sharing. We are confident that the system will empower the foundation to efficiently manage, search, and discover the unique digital assets of culture and art in Angola.”

About the Menomdin Foundation:

The Menomdin Foundation, which specializes in strategic development in developing countries, operates on the African continent in the initiation and construction of infrastructures in various fields alongside cultural projects and the empowerment of individuals and communities. The subsidiary foundation operating in Angola, Fundação Arte e Cultura, operates a variety of educational programs, initiates a variety of cultural and artistic events for the benefit of the local community and promotes a wide variety of collaborations with local government officials, business entities, social entities, and international agencies, including those from The United Nations, for the promotion and preservation of the local culture and art of Angola. Contact Us to discuss your needs. Ask for a Demo.

About Idea Information Systems:

IDEA Information Systems was established in 1999 and currently employs approximately 25 people. Idea has over 400 customers in the field of ALM (Archives, Libraries, and Museums), in Israel and worldwide, which include a wide selection of archives, libraries, museums, and information centers.

IDEA has launched a new product in the field of DAM (Data Asset Management); a cloud-based solution for the storage, management, editing, and sharing of all of an organization’s digital assets from one central place: videos, presentations, marketing materials, and more.


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